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WelcWelcome Back!ome parents and students to the 23-24 school year!Back to School!
My name is Lisa Wilson and I will be your teacher for American Literature and Composition OR AP Literature & Composition.
I'm so excited you are all in my class!
Some things you will need to know about your class and me:
1. The American Literature and Composition course will use a variety of resources (print and digital) to deliver
    the content - American Literature. This class will help improve your reading abilities, writing abilities,
    speaking abilities, and increase your vocabulary; it will also, hopefully, give you an appreciation of where
    our literature comes from and how it has grown over the last several centuries. We will also use a couple
    web-based resources (like NewsELA & Commonlit).
    **This is an important course since at the end you will be required to take the Georgia Milestones
       Assessment (GMAS/EOC).
2. The AP Literature and Composition course is designed to teach beginning college writing through the
    fundamentals of rhetorical theory, and follows the curricular requirements described in the AP English
    Course Description. This course offers highly motivated students the opportunity to earn college English
    credits while completing their senior year in high school. This course challenges students not only to read
    and analyze a variety of high quality literary genres but also to write about literature in a mature and
    sophisticated style. While successfully participating in the AP testing program is an obvious goal of this
    course, the curriculum also focuses on helping students develop as effective communicators who think
    deeply, analyze critically, effectively solve problems, and employ technologies for research and writing as
    they prepare for a college career. We will also use a couple web-based resources (like NewsELA &
    **This is an important course since at the end you will have the option to take the AP Literature and
      Composition exam that could allow you to exempt an English course in college.
3.  I have high expectations for each of you.
     I'm going to set a bar that I expect you to reach and when you do, I'm going to raise it.
     I'm going to push you to be better today than you were the day before.
4. My job is to teach you.
     Your job, students, is to do everything you can to learn.
           That means you are doing your very best every...single...day.
           You are actively participating in all assignments, you are actively researching, if necessary,
           to learn skills, vocabulary, and grammar, and you are asking me questions to make sure
           you understand what you are being asked to do/learn.
5. Finally, and this may be the most important thing, I am fabulous and you will learn to love me!😍
Below you will find ways to contact me, our syllabus, my schedule, and links to our Google Classroom.
I can't wait to see each of your little faces! 
We are going to have a great semester! 
Materials Needed:
A 3-ring binder with pockets (recommended)
Notebook paper
Access to a Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus 
Contact Information:
For text only (via Google Voice):
‪‪(706) 250-2448‬
Email address:
For Remind101, I highly recommend downloading the free app (https://www.remind.com/send_the_app).
For American Literature: text @amlit2023 to 81010 or just enter amlit2023 (those are Ls, not 1s) into the app to join (under "Add Class")
For AP Literature: text @wilaplit23 (those are Ls, not 1s) to 81010 or just enter wilaplit23 into the app to join (under "Add Class")
School Address:
1070 Appling Harlem Highway
Harlem, GA 30814
Planning: 1st Period (7:35-8:25)
My Schedule:
1st Period: Planning
2nd Period: AP Literature
3rd Period:  American Literature
4th Period:  AP Literature
5th Period:  American Literature
6th Period:  American Literature
7th Period:  AP Literature
Need Tutoring? I'm available:
Monday-Thursday after school upon request
(please give me at least one day's notice)
Office Hours: 7:35-8:10 AM Monday-Friday