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Mrs. Weston has spent her first four years teaching here at Harlem High.  She has earned degrees in History and Secondary Education from Appalachian State University and recently received a Master of Education in Instruction degree from Augusta University.  She loves reading, drinking coffee, and hanging out with her husband, newborn baby, and her cat.
1st - World History
2nd - World History
3rd - Planning
4th - Psychology
5th - AP Psychology
6th - World History
7th - World History
Mrs. Weston is using Google Classroom this year to get information across to her students. Please make sure to sign up for your class!
1st - sqjvbo
2nd - 9v4v3w3
3rd - Planning
4th - cn23zb
5th - f98gnw
6th - cwx9k6
7th - h55xe